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impressing texture into metal

textured metal in any length

innovative surface treatments

personalisation/branding in metal

delineating surface finish with metal detail

Metallab London was born through a passion for decorative metal.


Metallab technologies are a  revolution in traditional  Mesopotamian and early Egyptian craftsmanship, never truly realised by the Industrial Revolution until now. Our dedication to tailoring, and commitment to style and quality are the foundations of our philosophy.


What makes Metallab unique?


Metallab is a design and manufacturing  company, combining traditional craftsmanship with the latest cutting edge technology to reinvent the seminal expression of luxury - decorated metal. We are the only company in the world who can texture metal in any length, using pioneering state of the art processes to impart any imaginable texture.


Married with our innovations in surface treatment, we are evolving a collection of truly unique designs  conceived, found and commissioned.


Currently working with top designers and artists, we are continuously updating our exclusive collection.